MASTER Physique
Parcours : Astrophysique

Changement d'intitulé à la rentrée 2024-2025 : Master physique parcours Astrophysique et sciences des données

  • Langue du parcours :Anglais
  • ECTS :120
  • Volume horaire TPTDCICM
  • Formation initiale
    Formation continue
  • Apprentissage
    Contrat de professionnalisation
  • Stage : durée (en semaines):15

Objectifs du programme

This program intends to build a broad knowledge of the field of astrophysics and its associated methodology to prepare the students to pursue a PhD training in astrophysics or associated domains. It offers during the first semester a set of compulsory courses covering most of the requirements in modern astrophysics as well as courses focused on data science (databases, statistical modeling, etc) with the aim to give the students a strong knowledge base. These courses are complemented by optional courses giving in-depth knowledge on specific topics and permitting students to start building an area of expertise. The second term is devoted to projects and contains observational projects on the in-house telescope, a 5 nights project at a professional observing site (OHP) and a 15 weeks internship. All the teaching is conducted in English to prepare the students to work in a highly international environment.

Compétences à acquérir

English version:
  • Theoretical knowledge of physics and astrophysics
  • Mastery of Scientific English (written and oral)
  • Mastery of data analysis tools
  • Mastery of observation tools
  • Mastery of statistical analysis tools
  • Modeling/solving complex problems
  • Observation of natural systems.

French version:
  • Connaissance théorique de la physique et de l'astrophysique
  • Maîtrise de l'anglais scientifique (écrit et oral)
  • Maîtrise des outils de l'analyse de données
  • Maîtrise des outils d'observation
  • Maîtrise des outils statistiques
  • Modélisation/résolution de problèmes complexes
  • Observation des systèmes naturels
  • Travail en mode projet
  • Avoir une connaissance du monde du travail.

Aspect formation et recherche

Lectures are held at the Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg and the syllabus is focused on the scientific expertise of the observatory (high energy astrophysics, galaxies and cosmology, data science) while providing the basis on most of the topics of current astrophysical research such as the interstellar medium, stellar physics, plasmas physics etc. A particular emphasis on data science is built all along the program to provide the students with the tools and know-how for handling and interpreting large heterogeneous datasets which are common in astrophysics with lectures on databases, statistics and probability, inverse methods theory. The curriculum is relying on projects on top of regular lectures to allow the students to gain a practical know-how in numerical simulations, observations, data handling and characterisation and data reduction and analysis.

Stage et projet tutoré

  • 15 weeks internshipin S4
  • Observing project on 2T36
  • 5 nights observing session at OHP
  • 1 project on numerical methods
  • 1 programming project in python
  • 1 project on databases (SQL) and virtual observatories


Équipe pédagogique

Ouverture du programme

Programme ouvert à partir du 01/09/2018

Modalités d'inscription

Pré-requis obligatoires

  • Written and spoken english.
  • Practical knowledge of at least one programming language.

Poursuite d'étude

    • Poursuite d'études en Doctorat.

      Programme des enseignements