Dynamique et durabilité des structures

Dynamique et durabilité des structures
Master Physique appliquée et ingénierie physiqueParcours Modélisation numérique avancée


In this course the student should acquire the basic knowledge in structural dynamics :

  • Definition and interest of dynamical computation;
  • Classification in terms of lumped, continue and discrete models;
  • Lumped models (n dof) : expression of mechanical transfer functions (impedance, apparent mass etc.);
  • Application to vibration isolation, default identification, parameter identification;
  • Continue models : analytical resolution of beams and plates under dynamical loading;
  • Discrete models (experimental and numerical approach);
  • Experimental modal analysis of discrete models (Eigen frequency, damping, mode shape);
  • Numerical modal analysis of discrete models (implicit and explicit FE approach);
  • Numerical simulation of impact under explicit FE codes.


Compétences visées

  • To identify a dynamical problem and the relevant resolution method;
  • Basic knowlege of mechanical transfer function and understanding of mechanical behaviour;
  • To be able to model a mechanical structure with a lumped model;
  • Capability to conduct an experimental and a numerical modal analysis of a mechanical structure;
  • Simulation of impact phenomenon.