Identification et expérimentation mécanique

Identification et expérimentation mécanique
Master Physique appliquée et ingénierie physiqueParcours Modélisation numérique avancée


In this course the student should acquire the basic knowledge in experimental solid mechanics :
Principle techniques used in experimental mechanic and interactions with numerical simulation (identification of the parameters : adjusting, calibration, resolution of inverse problem, comparison between experimental data and numerical simulations). Practice to learn how to analyse the necessity to perform a measure, how to carry out this measure. Characterization of a measurement process, quantity, method, materials, operators, environment. How to express a results under an elementary configuration : numerical value, unit, incertitude. Acquisition of theoretical and experimental concepts about the most used experimental techniques.


Compétences visées

  • be able to run and analyse an experimental characterisation of a material.


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement