UE 2 - Semestre 4 - Internship (Stage)

UE 2 - Semestre 4 - Internship (Stage)
Master Physique appliquée et ingénierie physiqueParcours Modélisation numérique avancée

Credits27 crédits


  • For at least 20 weeks, the student will join a company or laboratory to demonstrate that he/she has the skills required to perform the duties of an engineer or researcher;
  • From mid-January to September (20 to 26 weeks).

Compétences visées

Skills to acquire:

  • Implementing the techniques of scientific investigation and documentary techniques;
  • Determining the adapted methods;
  • Participating in the carry out of research activities;
  • Synthesizing and highlighting a professional/scientific activity.


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement