UE 4 - Semestre 1 - Introduction to rheology and materials mechanics

UE 4 - Semestre 1 - Introduction to rheology and materials mechanics
Master Sciences et génie des matériauxParcours International Master on Polymer Science

Credits5 crédits


Mechanics is complementary to chemistry and physics in material science.
Actually, lifetime duration of a material is directly governed by both its properties and the solicitations induced by the use.

Then, this course is divided in two main parts: a) Material Mechanics, and b) Rheology.

The first part focuses on the description of mechanical behaviours of materials: elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity and associated properties are introduced. Metals, Ceramics and Glasses, Polymers and Composites are catalogued in the light of mechanical properties, forming and use in order to give an exhaustive overview in material choice perspectives.

The second consists of introducing the fundamental concepts of continuum mechanics applied to fluids: Euler, Bernoulli and Navier-Stockes equations with application to Couette and Poiseuille flows of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The concept of linear viscoelasticity will be introduced and illustrated on polymeric fluids (polymer melts and solutions). Some examples of non linear viscoelastic behaviour will be described on a qualitative level.»

Compétences visées

At the end of the course, the students should :

  • be familiar with theoretical concepts of Continuum Mechanics in both fluids and deformable solids issues;
  • be familiar with material behaviors and order of magnitude of properties (metals, ceramics and glasses, polymers and composites).


Responsable(s) de l'enseignement